Digital Orchestration, Not Only Automation, is the Real Triumph

28 Mar 2019
by Rajesh Ranjan, Shirley Hung, Vignesh Kannan

The roles of both Finance & Accounting (F&A) operations and the CFO have changed significantly over the past few years. Given the significance and criticality of finance function, there are multiple next-generation digital levers in development that can transform the finance function and potentially impact business outcomes in an organization. Enterprises should look at these digital levers as an ecosystem of possibilities that can deliver superior results when orchestrated together. They should also focus on adopting best practices for process improvement, organizational acceptance, and resource planning to enable successful transformation.

This paper will help CFOs, F&A executives, service providers, and other CXOs, who are looking to transform the F&A processes and understand the impact of next-generation digital levers on the transformation journey. The paper also describes the importance of orchestrating multiple digital levers, to achieve the full benefits of transformation.

In this paper, we discuss:

  • The rising and changing expectations of CFOs in recent years and the evolution of the F&A function from cost center to strategic function
  • The impact of various next-generation digital levers in F&A processes and the benefits it can deliver when they are orchestrated
  • The role of third-party providers in driving transformation through orchestration


Finance & Accounting Outsourcing


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