Application of Blockchain in Supply Chain Management – A Trailblazer Analysis

24 Oct 2019
by Shirley Hung, Ankur Verma, Amir Khan, Harsh Kapoor

Globally, enterprises – across industries – are struggling to manage their supply chains. Whether it is transparency, traceability, or security, enterprises face multiple issues on all fronts. In fact, the enterprise goal of integrating supply chains is nowhere near completion even after spending billions of dollars on multiple platforms, tools, and solutions. In such a scenario, blockchain has emerged as a key technology that can help enterprises in achieving many of their objectives – data sharing, security, and tracking – to move toward a truly integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Given the applicability of blockchain in SCM, many companies, including start-ups, are at the forefront of developing solutions based on blockchain technology. In this research, we present an assessment of start-ups building capabilities in SCM blockchain space, primarily focusing on their capability, growth story, and investor confidence.

The sections covered in the report include:

  • Market demand for a blockchain-based solution in supply chain
  • Growth of start-ups offering blockchain-based supply chain solutions
  • Assessment of key blockchain start-ups in supply chain
  • Detailed view (profile) of trailblazers


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