Doctors with Robots – True 21st Century Healthcare Provision

28 Mar 2019
by Sarah Burnett, Naman Sharma

In an industry plagued by rising costs, manual and error-prone processes, lack of efficiency, limited consumer focus, declining margins, and a changing regulatory landscape, healthcare providers have been slow to adapt to change – this despite some challenges being perennial. In fact, healthcare providers have been much slower than other industries, such as retail and banking & financial services, to adopt technology adoption to enable change.

There are limited examples of healthcare providers taking the initiative to adopt innovative technology or processes to solve challenges such as manual and error-prone process, staffing shortages, or inefficient utilization. However, in order for these issues to be resolved broadly there needs to be an industry-wide push to identify possible solutions. Automation is one solution that can both help healthcare providers solve current challenges and accelerate their efforts to become future-ready providers of care. To know more about the future state of healthcare and explore how automation will help healthcare providers reach this end state, download the paper…

The viewpoint offers a picture of the future state of healthcare and explores how automation will help providers reach this end state, with specific focus on:

  • Healthcare of the future vs. its current disjointed state
  • How to begin turning vision into reality
  • Implementation experience and ongoing consideration
  • Automation supplier ecosystem and operating models
  • Future of automation in healthcare


Healthcare & Life Sciences Business Process Outsourcing

Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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