The Dissatisfaction Conundrum: What Clients Are Not Telling Service Providers?

18 Jan 2019
by Yugal Joshi, Nitish Mittal, Ankit Gupta

Insights from our research reveal that despite service providers investing heavily to enhance their capabilities, the proportion of satisfied customers has only marginally increased by two percentage points in the last two years. Service providers have not given adequate attention to certain key dimensions that influence customer satisfaction – innovation, talent, and strategic partnership.

Additionally, the report details the technology investment priorities of enterprises and their perception of service provider capabilities. This report also focuses on the future of the service delivery model, given enterprises’ evolving expectations. Service providers need to align their offerings and capabilities to the future investment areas identified by enterprises.

The objective of this report is to delve deeper into the mind of enterprises, as they embark on the digital transformation journey and to gauge their changing expectations and priorities.

Scope of the research

This report is based on insights from structured interviews with 272 enterprises that were shared as references by the service providers assessed in this report. The report gives a summary of the views of various enterprises regarding the capabilities of services providers they engage across applications, digital, cloud, and infrastructure services.

The report also captures quantitative and qualitative insights across their technology priorities, digital agenda, outsourcing strategies, and perception of service providers.


Enterprises’ assessment of service provider capabilities

  • Enterprises’ technology priorities
  • Enterprises’ expectations from service providers
  • Enterprises’ perception of individual service providers


Evolving demand-supply dynamics in the digital era


  • Framework to effectively engage with the rapidly evolving enterprise ecosystem
  • A winning model for delivering IT services


Application Services

Banking & Financial Services (BFS) - IT Services (ITS)

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Digital Services

Healthcare & Life Sciences IT Outsourcing

Insurance - IT Services (ITS)


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