Digital Transformation | Future Proofing Your IT Services Model - Outsourcing for the Digital Age

25 Oct 2019
by Cecilia Edwards
We are currently in an age of transformation and disruption of business largely driven by the advances and capabilities unleashed by IT. IT was once relegated to utility status, similar to email or telephone support. While everyone needed it, it was tangential to getting business done. However, with the emergence of digitization, the Internet-of-Things, cloud, and other technology disrupters, IT’s role in and value proposition for the business units it supports have become integral to how competitiveness is established and maintained. Businesses that are incapable or unwilling to leverage the full power of the technology advances or resist adapting to the new business models that are being enabled, will, in relatively short order, become laggards in their industry, and in some cases cease to remain in business.

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