Enterprise Digital Adoption in Manufacturing | Pinnacle Model™ Analysis 2018

4 May 2018
by Michel Janssen, Chirajeet Sengupta

With automotive manufacturers facing radical disruptions, electronics and beverage manufacturers battling with negative profit margins, and others facing stringent industry regulations, the manufacturing sector is under tremendous pressure, forcing them to reduce costs while simultaneously driving investments in modern technologies to maintain their competitive advantage. Industry 4.0, with its promise of extreme automation and high efficiency, has intrigued manufacturers for many years now. However, it is the recent advancements in technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, that have empowered manufacturers to adopt Industry 4.0 rapidly. While cost savings and improving customer experience are the top priorities while making digital investments, over 50% of manufacturers have adopted digital technologies to create new business models.

Manufacturers are also realizing that investing in technology alone is not sufficient. A strong digital culture supported by new & improved processes, cybersecurity policies, and even new business models are essential to maximize the returns from their digital investments.

The Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™ in the manufacturing sector are leading the market in the successful adoption of Industry 4.0. Over 80% Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™ in the manufacturing sector have invested in digital technologies to evolve their business processes and drive their digital strategy. Through this report, we deep dive into these organizations and analyze the factors that set them apart from other manufacturers and what the industry can do to keep up.

This report offers an in-depth review of the key capabilities encompassing 18 key dimensions in which manufacturers are making digital investments, and a further evaluation of five key dimensions where Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™ in the manufacturing sector showcase higher maturity.

This report will cover the following:

  • Factors that set the Digital Pinnacle Enterprises™ apart
  • Key digital adoption trends
  • Digital investments and growth priorities for retailers
  • Recommendations for retailers to thrive in this wave of digital disruption


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