Engineering Services Global In-house Centers (GICs) In India: Focusing on Innovation to Drive Growth and Attain Global Leadership

11 Oct 2018
by Sakshi Garg, Akshat Vaid, Akshay Pandita, Anish Agarwal, Mayank Maria

The Engineering Services (ES) global sourcing market continues to evolve and grow rapidly in 2018, to cross US$80 billion. Given the constraints around quality, IP sensitivity, and complexity of work, the Global In-house Center (GIC) model is an integral component of the evolving engineering services global sourcing market.

India is one of the leading locations for delivering engineering services, both in terms of workforce and the number of GIC setups. India GICs continue to expand the scale and scope of services being delivered. The ES sourcing market is still relatively untapped that the GICs are trying to capture by building capabilities and focusing on innovation.

This report focuses on the global delivery of engineering services across various industry segments by GICs in India. The report covers market landscape of ES global sourcing with a focus on the way new age technologies are transforming delivery of engineering services. It also provides detailed assessment of the various engineering services segments being delivered from India- delivery maturity, key growth drivers, and market trends in each segment.

The report is divided into four broad sections:

  • Engineering services global sourcing market landscape
  • Evolution of the engineering services GICs in India
  • Assessment of the engineering services segments among India GICs
  • Future outlook and implications for engineering services GICs in India

The scope of the report

  • Industry: Engineering Services (ES)
  • Focus: GICs in India
  • ES segments:
    • Software products
    • Mechanical (automotive, aerospace, defense, and marine)
    • Hi-tech (semiconductors, telecom, consumer electronics, medical devices, and computing systems)
    • Industrial, energy, chemicals, and natural resources
  • Geography: India

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