Smart RPA Playbook 13 Nov 2018
Smart RPA Playbook

13 Nov 2018
by Amardeep Modi, Anil Vijayan

Smart RPA, which blends both RPA and AI capabilities, is a core competency that can successfully enable digital transformation for enterprises. It can not only automate transactional processes, but also empower the human workforce and significantly enhance its efficiency in handling judgment-intensive processes.

Using a five-step approach to adopt, expand, and scale Smart RPA deployments, this Playbook taps various frameworks, such as Everest Group's Pinnacle Model™ and Capability Maturity Model (CMM), to empower enterprises to conceptualize where they want to go with enterprise automation, what capabilities they need to develop to get there, and the ideal path for their journeys. It also evaluates Pinnacle RPA Enterprises'™ winning strategies for building Smart RPA capabilities and generating greater business impact. Finally, the Playbook outlines a framework for enterprises to develop the business case for Smart RPA adoption in front- and back-office operations and evaluate and initiate their Smart RPA automation journeys.

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