FinTech Services Delivery – Traditional Locations Strategies Are Not Fit For Purpose! Plus Profiles of Emerging Offshore/Nearshore FinTech Hubs

26 Nov 2018
by Anurag Srivastava, Anish Agarwal

The FinTech market continues to evolve and grow rapidly in 2018. The global investment in FinTech reached an all-time high in 2017 and the net funding value crossed US$30 billion. Amidst the changing consumer demands, FinTech has evolved and continues to disrupt and reshape commerce, payments, lending, and capital markets among others.

FinTech investments continue to be concentrated in mature hubs such as the United States, London, and Hong Kong driven by presence of high-quality talent base backed by strong infrastructure. However, investors and startups are progressively focusing on emerging hubs such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Dublin for FinTech delivery, primarily due to increasingly talent and cost pressures in mature locations.

This report provides detailed assessment (includes employed talent pool, innovation potential, and cost of delivery) and relative attractiveness of 19 emerging hub locations for FinTech delivery baselined against three locations that are the most mature and have predominantly been the hotspots for investment. It focuses on the global delivery of FinTech across various use-case segments in the BFSI domain. The report covers market landscape of FinTech activity along with investment trends and implications for enterprises, venture capitalists, and private equity players.

The report is divided into three broad sections:

  • FinTech market landscape
  • Relative assessment of emerging FinTech hubs
  • Compendium of emerging hub locations

The scope of the report

  • Industry: FinTech
  • Focus: FinTech startups and Global In-house Centers (GICs)
  • FinTech segments:
    • Core Banking
    • Lending
    • Payments
    • Personal Finance Management
    • Capital Markets
    • Risk Management
    • Insurance
  • Geography: Global, i.e., offshore, nearshore, and onshore locations


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