Closing the Gap - The Future of IT Skills in the United States

25 Apr 2018
by Sakshi Garg, Ronak Doshi, Bharath M, Aaditya Jain

Across industries, technology-led disruption is expected to give rise to new talent models. Technology themes such as data management & analytics, omnichannel customer experience, and cloud are expected to dominate near-term demand. Cybersecurity, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based application design, and agile delivery methodologies are also expected to become mainstream. At the same time, the industry is witnessing growing interest among enterprises to expand their partner ecosystem and explore disruptive technologies such as AI and blockchain, in order to avoid falling prey to someone else’s disruption. As IT organizations evolve and focus on delivering business impact, an understanding of emerging technology themes, their impact on talent requirements, and the skills expected to gain importance in the future along with their supply outlook will be key. This viewpoint aims to answer questions related to demand, supply, and evolution of IT skills in the United States.


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Banking & Financial Services (BFS) - IT Services (ITS)

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

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Healthcare & Life Sciences IT Services (ITS)

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