Leading Innovation and Creating Value: The 2019 Imperative for GICs

27 Dec 2018
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Parul Jain

As Global In-house Centers (GICs) continue to evolve and deliver value beyond arbitrage, supporting enterprises’ innovation agendas is moving from optional to competitive necessity. GICs have a strong foundation in service delivery, with deep domain skills and understanding of business needs, allowing them to leverage their expertise and help accelerate organization-wide innovation. In this report, Everest Group looks at the current state of adoption of innovation in GICs and how some leading GICs have successfully built these capabilities. The report also unveils the innovation equation enterprise leaders can leverage to drive successful innovation. This report is anchored on our understanding of the GIC market, based on extensive experience and ongoing interactions with leading GICs, and proprietary GIC databases.

The report is divided into three broad sections:

  • State of adoption of innovation in GICs
  • Key innovation enablers (includes case studies from leading GICs)
  • Best practices and call to action for GICs




Page Count: 41