Application Services – Annual Report 2018: The Future of Architecture is Intelligent

18 Jun 2018
by Yugal Joshi

Enterprises have always been challenged by the burden of legacy systems, which hinders their ability to become digital. The situation is exacerbated by enterprises’ disregard for and the neglect of their software architectures, which form the backbone of their entire IT landscape.

The digital future will require enterprises to adopt a “sentient architecture” – one based on the 3Ds concept of design-centricity, dynamic adaptability, and discrete structures. This will involve an amalgamation of elements across design thinking, software engineering, and systems architecture. Enterprises that have typically designed their software/enterprise architecture based solely on the technologies that they want to adopt will now be required to rethink their traditional approaches. They will need to focus on the business outcomes and user expectations as they design/modernize their software architectures, enabled by newer technologies that are already fueling the adoption of the sentient architecture.

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will enhance decision-making capabilities of enterprises and solution architects. It will also evolve the role of the architect from being a singular point of contact to being an orchestrator of architectural components to achieve business outcomes enabled by technology.

In addition to the key trends in application services, this research provides fact-based analysis of buyer trends by geography, industry, and revenue size. It analyzes major trends impacting the application services market and provides an outlook for the year ahead.


  • IT services market size (split across applications, consulting, & infrastructure services, geography, and industry verticals)
  • Market share of leading IT service providers in applications, consulting, and infrastructure services
  • Application Services (AS) buyer adoption trends across geography, industry verticals, and revenue size
  • Key trends shaping the AS market (the future of software architecture)
  • Outlook for 2018-2019


Application Services


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