Scaling Artificial Intelligence Adoption – A Practical IT Guidebook

27 Jul 2018
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Mukesh Ranjan, Sarweshwer Gupta

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now at the cusp of mainstream enterprise adoption, given a significant number of successful initiatives undertaken by proponents of AI including enterprises, service providers, and technology players.

The AI adoption journey is set to fundamentally redefine the role of IT. The IT function will need to work closely with business to establish itself as an enabler, a governor, and the eventual flag bearer for enterprise AI initiatives. Cross-pollination of skills and responsibilities will lead to extensive blurring of lines between business and IT in the long run – an impending change that IT function needs to brace for.

It is imperative for enterprises and their IT functions to evaluate where they stand in the AI adoption journey roadmap, understand prevalent challenges, and formulate a long-term strategy for programmatic, practical, and risk-free adoption.

Everest Group is demystifying this critical role of IT in the enterprise AI strategy through a series of three viewpoints (meant as a practical guidebook):

  • Volume I: Delineating the role of IT in the age of AI
  • Volume II: Establishing the IT blueprints for AI adoption
  • Volume III: Exploring the third-party AI vendor ecosystem

The Volume I report of the series – “Delineating the role of IT in the age of AI” – establishes the current state and outlook for AI adoption within enterprises, outlines current enterprise challenges/apprehensions around AI adoption, and highlights valuable lessons for IT to learn from enterprise cloud adoption journeys. In addition, it also explores the expected roles/responsibilities of the IT function in the AI journey and provides an IT checklist to help enterprises gauge their AI readiness and journey maturity.


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