Building a Workforce of the Future – Upskilling/Reskilling in Global In-house Centers

26 Dec 2017
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal

Global In-house Centers (GICs) have evolved as powerful value creators, driving innovation and catalyzing their parent enterprises’ priorities. However, the rapid advancement of the enterprise’s digital agenda is transforming the GIC operating and delivery model. Consequently, the skills and competencies required by GICs to deliver services are also changing rapidly. In addition to the need for different skills in the future, the talent challenges for GICs will intensify with increasing automation of the existing services portfolio. As a result, GICs face the dual risks of a large existing workforce with multiple skills that are likely to become redundant, while struggling to find external talent with the skills required for the future.

Upskilling/reskilling of existing talent is an important lever that GICs can use to address these challenges. In this research, we surveyed senior leaders from 80+ GICs across leading offshore/nearshore locations to gather perspectives on nature of skills/competencies needed for the future, and the roles GICs can play to help address these changing skill requirements


This research leverages Everest Group’s proprietary GIC database, the industry’s most comprehensive database on GICs. The analysis is based on GICs providing offshore delivery of global services and excludes shared service centers that serve domestic operations.

  • GICs of global enterprises (no third-party service providers)
  • Three leading offshore/nearshore geographies (India, Poland, and the Philippines)
  • Both upskilling and reskilling initiatives across all Information Technology (IT), back-office, and industry-specific Business Process (BP) services
  • All key industry verticals (e.g., banking, financial services & insurance, healthcare, and technology)


This report shares Everest Group’s perspective on upskilling and reskilling in GICs. Key topics covered are:

  • State of market adoption of upskilling/reskilling
  • Approach to upskilling/reskilling and success stories
  • Future outlook for upskilling/reskilling
  • Implications and call to action for GICs




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