Rise of Automation in P&C Insurance

8 Feb 2017
by Amardeep Modi

The global business environment is changing; with emphasis on cost optimization, better customer experience, faster and error-free processing, and perfect regulatory compliance driving this change. The P&C industry is no exception to this rule.

Service Delivery Automation (SDA) is fast emerging as a useful capability in this pursuit. With many organizations gaining running pilots, there is a wide variety of experiences to be shared and learned from, such as better understanding of drivers, how benefits can be realized, different implementation approaches, operating models, best practices, and future potential. These experiences can help providers and buyers increase their skills in this new field as well as guide others in their journey.

Everest Group surveyed and interviewed executives of large global P&C insurance firms to better understand the current adoption, challenges, and the future of Service Delivery Automation (SDA) adoption in P&C insurance. The report chapters include:

  • Methodology
  • Introduction
  • The business case for SDA in P&C insurance
  • State of adoption in P&C insurance
  • Adoption drivers
  • Implementation experience and ongoing considerations
  • RPA supplier ecosystem and operating models
  • Looking ahead


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