Artificial Intelligence in Global Services – State of the Market Report – 2017

31 Oct 2017
by Amardeep Modi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long captured the imagination of humans. As we progressed in the current technology-driven age, the fascination with AI leapt over innumerable boundaries and hurdles to become firmly entrenched in the global services market. Specifically, it is an enabler for intelligent automation in global services, but many of its tenets remain unclear to organizations. In fact, the definition of AI is continually evolving and knowledge of its capabilities and applications varies widely in the market.

This report helps demystify AI from the point of view of global services (i.e., IT and business process services). It includes perspectives from the market about the differing definitions of AI, its adoption across industries and functions, various drivers behind and threats to adoption, and a deep-dive into the AI technology vendor landscape.

Scope of the research:

This report investigates the state of the AI Independent Software Vendor (ISV) market. It focuses on:

  • Market size and growth
  • Adoption by buyer geography, size, industry, and business function/process
  • Value propositions, key challenges and barriers to adoption, and learnings from early adopters
  • AI technology vendor landscape (including both ISVs and traditional IT/BPS providers)
  • Future outlook


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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