Hot Life Sciences Startups: Friends, Foes, and Frenemies in the Innovation Ecosystem

30 Mar 2017
by Abhishek Singh, Jimit Arora, Nitish Mittal

Innovation is a very hard process for life sciences. As an industry, it is used to making long-term bets (10-20 years) and investing billions of dollars on drug developments. As they jump into a world where successful players are characterized by their ability to fail fast and adhere to Minimum Viable Product (MVP), life sciences stakeholders find themselves at odds with the overall scheme of things. Factors such as long R&D cycles, risk-aversion, security, and compliance concerns also tend to impede innovation in life sciences.

Given the pressure to address the dual mandate of efficiency and growth, the industry has to take up the digital narrative more seriously. Stakeholders are already responding to this issue through technology leverage. Also, startups operating in this space have a fertile ground to reap benefits through innovative solutions that address these challenges through a fresh approach combining the elements of user experience (UX), design, and digital channels. Services providers, enterprise buyers, and investment firms alike have varied reasons to better understand this exciting landscape and unlock opportunities in a fast-evolving market.

In this report, starting with a long list of over 150 candidates, we analyze 20 hot life sciences startups across three investment areas – drug discovery / product development, clinical and pre-clinical trials, and sales and marketing. We focus on:

  • Life sciences: a market longing for digital innovation
    • Key takeaways
    • Industry challenges
    • Technology implications
    • Investments by life sciences firms

  • Hot healthcare start-ups: key players driving disruption
    • Funding scenario
    • Leading investment areas
    • Life sciences startups shortlist
    • Life sciences startups leader board
    • Implications for enterprises
  • Investment focus areas: an assessment of key investment markets
    • Drug discovery / product development
    • Clinical and pre-clinical trials
    • Sales and marketing
  • Appendix
    • HLS IT services research calendar
    • Additional HLS research references


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