Trade Finance of the Future

14 Jul 2017
by Manu Aggarwal, Robin Jain, Ronak Doshi

In the last year, no industry conference or trends forecast in the banking sector was complete without the mention of Blockchain technology and its potential benefits to revolutionize the banking industry by reducing costs of transactions and infrastructure, while driving efficiencies and financial inclusion.

In our previous reports, we were able to identify a set of use cases where Blockchain technology can be applicable in the BFSI industry. For the purpose of this report, we intend to pick up one of these areas i.e., trade finance, and explore that in more detail. Key discussion points in this report include:

  • Trade finance – traditional process and challenges
  • Future process reimagined using Blockchain
  • Current Blockchain adoption
  • Obstacles to Blockchain becoming mainstream
  • Implications for involved entities


Banking and Financial Services (BFS) - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


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