Philippines Pivoting to Deliver Customer Experience of the Future

11 Oct 2017
by H. Karthik, Prashray Kala, Skand Bhargava, Vani Oswal

In this digital era, enterprises are expecting contact centers to drive strategic initiatives that impact business outcomes, and not just focus on cost containment. Customer service organizations are continuously evolving to respond to the rapidly changing consumer mindset and value proposition for enterprises. With both service providers and enterprises possessing large scale delivery capabilities in the Philippines, the location is at the forefront of the evolution from customer services delivery to customer experience delivery. The Philippines’ recognized strong value proposition of good quality talent, strong cultural affinity, and low costs is also evolving to meet industry expectations of the future, and the industry is enabling global customer experience delivery through adoption of next-generation technology solutions and enhancing skill set of agents. This report provides more information on the future of customer experience and how Philippines-based delivery centers are responding to evolving customer experience delivery requirements. Drawing insights from Everest Group’s existing research and combining it with recent interactions with service providers and enterprises, this study focuses on answering the following key questions:

  • What factors are driving the shift in the role of contact centers?
  • How well is the Philippines responding to changed contact center delivery requirements?
  • How is the Philippines-based talent model evolving to align with future requirements?
  • What are the steps needed by companies in the Philippines to deliver customer experience of the future?


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