Collaborations Between GICs and Start-ups – A Win-Win Situation

9 Jun 2016


Driving continuous productivity improvement and innovation are now “table stakes” for all Global In-house Centers (GIC). This is especially true for GICs that have already exhausted most of their labor arbitrage and are now looking to deliver new forms of value-addition, such as innovation, automation, and speed to market. One of the ways GICs are achieving this is by collaborating with start-ups.

While parent organizations collaborating with start-ups is an established phenomenon in onshore geographies, GICs in offshore locations are beginning to catch up. In the last two years, there have been several instances of GICs partnering with start-ups. This collaboration is mutually beneficial and there are several drivers for GICs to collaborate with start-ups.

Understanding the drivers for GIC-start-up collaboration is an important step towards a successful partnership. There are multiple other considerations that GICs need to keep in mind before engaging with start-ups. For GIC leaders responsible for eco-system partnerships and industry collaborations, this viewpoint offers the following key learnings:

  • Drivers of GIC-start-up collaboration
  • Areas where GICs leverage start-ups and adoption levels
  • Engagement models and associated trade-offs
  • Key challenges
  • Best practices

This viewpoint is based on Everest Group’s research examining GIC and start-up collaboration. It leverages Everest Group’s ongoing research encompassing enterprises, GICs, start-ups, and other relevant industry stakeholders.


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