Global In-house Centers (GIC) in the Philippines: Going from Strength to Strength

20 Dec 2016
by Sakshi Garg

The Philippines continues to be an attractive location for global companies looking for scalable operations across a broad range of voice and non-voice IT and Business Process Services (BPS) at low cost in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. With presence of large talent that is proficient in English language skills and has strong cultural affinity with the United States, GICs have traditionally leveraged the Philippines for contact center services and serving the U.S. market. The picture has changed in recent years as the scope of services delivered from GICs in the Philippines has expanded to include other functional and industry-specific service segments. This report provides perspectives on key segments and key verticals served by GICs in the Philippines. The report also delves into the emerging trends witnessed in the GIC landscape in the Philippines.

Scope and methodology

  • The report covers four aspects around GICs in the Philippines
    • Current state of the GIC market
    • Key segments served by GICs and adoption maturity of processes within each segment
    • Key verticals served by GICs in the Philippines
    • Key emerging trends
  • This report is based on Everest Group’s proprietary GIC database that is updated regularly with new set-up activity, expansion/contraction of existing GICs, divestitures, and capacity additions as well as ongoing interactions with GICs and parent stakeholders


The report focuses on GIC landscape in the Philippines. It is structured along the following sections:

  • Overview of the GIC landscape in the Philippines
  • Functional maturity of the GIC landscape
  • Key verticals served from GICs in the Philippines
  • Key emerging trends in GICs


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