Innovation Beyond Borders – Global Talent Hotspots for Engineering Services and Research & Development (ER&D)

17 Aug 2016
by Anurag Srivastava

Background of the research

Engineering Services and Research and Development (ER&D) global sourcing industry is witnessing significant traction in the global services industry. The drivers for this are skills shortage, increasing cost pressures, and need for product localization. As the industry evolves, talent has become a critical success factor for both enterprises and service providers.

This report provides an in-depth view of the global ER&D services industry from a talent perspective. It covers the global distribution of ER&D talent coupled with cost trade-offs and provides readers with an up-close view of global talent “hotspots” for various ER&D segments.

The ER&D global sourcing industry is expected to grow at a fast pace in the next four to five years, driven by multiple factors.

The report is broadly divided into four sections:

  • The global landscape and current distribution of ER&D talent across key delivery geographies
  • Comparative attractiveness of leading locations for ER&D services, in terms of talent availability and financial attractiveness
  • MAP Matrix™ for ER&D service delivery, which segregates the maturity of delivery geographies into “Leaders”, “Major Contenders”, and “Aspirants”
  • Implications for industry stakeholders and future outlook with regard to the adoption of ER&D global sourcing

The scope of the report

  • ER&D segments:
    • Software products
    • Mechanical (automotive, aerospace, and marine)
    • Hi-tech (semiconductors, telecom, consumer electronics, and computing systems)
    • Industrial, energy, chemicals, and natural resources
  • Global sourcing locations: Leading cities being leveraged for ER&D services delivery across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and nearshore Europe

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