Adapting Talent to Market: The GIC IT Services Talent Landscape in India

22 Apr 2016
by Parul Jain, Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Sakshi Garg



India is the largest offshore IT services delivery location, both for IT service providers and Global In-house Centers (GICs). With almost 200,000 FTEs employed among GICs in the IT services space, and substantial plans for expansion underway, the talent market is heating up. GIC leaders are now looking for a talent strategy that not only meets their business objectives but also aligns with prevailing talent demand-supply dynamics. This report takes a closer look at the IT services talent landscape among GICs in India and addresses the following burning questions often asked by stakeholders:

  • What is the scale and distribution of the IT talent employed by GICs in India?
  • What is the educational qualification for talent being hired by these GICs? How does this vary across different IT subfunctions?
  • Which are the hotspots that serve as key sources for entry-level talent?
  • Can India offer sufficient talent to meet expanding demand from IT services industry through 2020?
  • What is the typical delivery structure (experience level, delivery pyramid) for GICs in India and how does it vary across IT subfunctions?
  • What are the typical compensation levels for various IT roles across IT subfunctions?
  • What are the key trends associated with migration of talent within this sector?

FTEs by Discipline

Scope and methodology

  • The scope of the analysis includes GICs of global companies delivering IT services from India (both tier-1 and tier-2 locations)
  • The report encompasses analysis across multiple industry verticals, including Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail (MDR), technology, healthcare, energy & utilities, and telecom
  • Everest Group has leveraged a variety of sources including secondary research (e.g., LinkedIn, job portals, and databases) and primary research (interviews with market participants) to collect data for this report. This was further augmented with Everest Group’s existing IP and knowledge from past projects/engagements
  • The report involves an extensive analysis of the educational background and career profiles of IT employees working with the top 20 IT focused GICs based in India, which employ 80,000-90,000 FTEs across India (40-45% of the total IT talent employed by GICs in India)
  • We have used a sampling approach for several dimensions, where a representative population has been analyzed in detail

FTE by IT Function


The report provides detailed information and analysis of the IT talent landscape across GICs in India. It encompasses the following:

  • Overall talent landscape for GICs delivering IT services in India and highlights key talent hotspots. Also provides insights about scale and distribution of the IT talent by IT subfunctions (e.g., infrastructure, consulting)
  • Historical, current, and future demand-supply dynamics of the IT-graduate pool in India
  • Deep-dive assessment of the education profile hired by GICs and differences across key IT subfunctions
  • Typical GIC delivery model for IT services and differences across key IT subfunctions. Also offers insights about attrition rates, average experience levels, and gender ratios at an IT subfunction level
  • Compensation benchmarks for five delivery roles across IT subfunctions
  • Trends for talent migration across three dimensions – locations, type of organizations, and industry verticals

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