Finance & Accounting Delivery from GICs: Trusted Partner to Move F&A Beyond Delivery to Value Creation

12 Apr 2016
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Sakshi Garg



Traditionally, Finance and Accounting (F&A) was one of the first functions to be outsourced and also delivered through the offshore in-house model. The Global In-house Center (GIC) market for delivery of F&A services has evolved continuously and is now characterized by ~13% share of the overall GIC market (in FTEs). The delivery market has also undergone certain transformations, some of which mirror aspects of service provider delivery, and others which are unique to GICs.

This market has grown consistently, although there are differences in achievement of F&A process maturity across GICs. Additionally, the evolution of this market has taken place over multiple themes ranging from adoption of an end-to-end definition of F&A to building Centers of Excellence for delivering F&A analytics and other accounting processes. Operating model elements are also changing, albeit at a measured pace, with some GICs pushing the needle on emerging technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation for delivery of transactional F&A processes, and implementing analytics to measure the impact of F&A delivery on business outcomes.

This report provides an assessment that covers the current landscape of F&A delivery from GICs, across various themes of evolution of F&A delivery and operating model elements along with a forward-looking view on the transformation of delivery.

 Number of GIC Setups

 F&A Delivery Evolution

Scope and contents

This report provides Everest Group’s perspectives on F&A delivery from GICs and its transformation across various themes. The report discusses:

  • Market overview and landscape
  • Evolution and maturity
  • Key operating model elements
  • Future outlook

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