Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Technology Vendor Landscape with FIT Matrix Assessment – Technologies for Building a “Virtual Workforce”

20 Dec 2016
by Amardeep Modi

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the potential to offer high value in terms of inorganic reduction in costs and improvement in productivity. Moreover, the value is realized in a relatively short time as deployments are fairly quick and at low risk, helped by the non-invasive integration that is easily remediable. As a consequence, many enterprises and global services providers are investing in this arena. However, RPA is a burgeoning market with technologies that are still relatively unknown to many potential buyers in terms of solution features, deployment models, supporting frameworks, and commercial aspects. The technologies are also evolving, with an expanding feature set and increasing richness of functionality.

In this context, this report examines the RPA technologies for creating a virtual workforce. It assesses 10 of the leading technology vendors and compares & contrasts their technologies within Everest Group's Feature, Implementation, and impacT (FIT) Matrix™ framework.

Scope and methodology

In this study, we analyze the RPA technology vendor landscape across various dimensions:

  • Everest Group’s FIT Matrix™ evaluation of RPA technology vendors
  • Remarks on key strengths and areas of improvement for each vendor
  • Key insights on RPA technology vendor market landscape

Only robotic solutions that are sold on license, and irrespective of any ongoing business or IT process outsourcing services, were considered for this report. These include software that can be deployed and run by the clients in-house or those that require professional services for deployment, as well as ongoing services that are part of a hosted offering.

Solutions from these 10 technology vendors have been assessed: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Kofax Kapow, Kryon Systems’ Leo, NICE (Robotic Automation), Redwood RoboFinance, Softomotive (WinAutomation & ProcessRobot), Thoughtonomy, UiPath, and WorkFusion.


Some key elements and findings of the report are:

  • Everest Group FIT Matrix™ evaluation
    • Everest Group has classified 10 RPA technology vendors on its FIT Matrix into the four categories of Leaders, Challengers, Optimizers, and Aspirants
    • Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath, and Thoughtonomy are the Leaders. Redwood and WorkFusion emerged as the Challengers. Kofax Kapow & NICE are the Optimizers and Kryon Systems & Softomotive are the Aspirants on the Everest Group RPA FIT Matrix for 2016
    • Automation Anywhere, Softomotive, and UiPath are the “’Star Performers” based on their strong relative YOY movement on the FIT Matrix
  • RPA technology vendor assessment
    • Assessment and remarks on each of the RPA technology vendor’s solution along 10 different dimensions including market success, portfolio mix, value delivered, vision & strategy, features, deployment options, ease of use, support, security & compliance, and commercials
  • RPA technology vendor market landscape
    • Key insights on RPA technology vendor market landscape along:
      • Data and process coverage of solutions
      • Go-to-market approach
      • Commercial models
      • Productivity enhancing RPA technologies


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