The Evolving Demand Paradigm in the Engineering and Research and Development (ER&D) Services Industry

22 Nov 2016
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Ronak Doshi

Engineering Services and Research and Development (ER&D) industry is at the cusp of transformation, driven by the evolving customer demand and technology disruptions. Enterprises are increasingly focusing on developing ER&D products that can integrate into the connected digital consumer ecosystem and this change is driving the demand for ER&D services industry.

The demand for sourcing of ER&D services is also expected to witness strong growth, on account of increasing cost and margin pressures and the changing technology landscape.

This report provides an in-depth view of the ER&D services industry and the demand trends shaping the market. It also covers the ER&D global sourcing landscape and the sourcing drivers for different ER&D segments.

The report is divided into four broad sections:

  • ER&D services industry overview and categories of demand
  • Demand trends in the ER&D services industry and across major ER&D segments – software, mechanical, hi-tech, and industrial & energy
  • Overview of the ER&D global sourcing industry and size of the market
  • Demand drivers for sourcing of ER&D services and growth trends in the industry

The scope of the report

  • ER&D segments:
    • Software products
    • Mechanical (automotive, aerospace, defense, and marine)
    • Hi-tech (semiconductors, telecom, consumer electronics, and computing systems)
    • Industrial, energy, chemicals, and natural resources
  • Global sourcing locations: Leading cities being leveraged for ER&D services delivery across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and nearshore Europe

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