Practitioner Perspectives - Amit Saxena, Epsilon Interview – Experience Setting up a GIC in India

20 Nov 2015
by Sakshi Garg

Executive Summary

Global in-house center (GIC) is an established sourcing model with leading organizations across the globe adopting the model to build in-house capabilities. Everest Group believes that there are more than 2,000 GICs across the offshore and nearshore locations globally and are growing every year.

Epsilon set up its first GIC in Bengaluru, India in 2015 after evaluating multiple locations globally. Amit Saxena, Senior Director, Global Delivery of Services at Epsilon, was closely involved in the initiative from both the strategic and operational perspectives and shared his experience from the planning to the go-live stages of the GIC. Everest Group interviewed Amit to learn about his experience and learnings from this initiative.

In this edition of Everest group’s Practitioner Perspectives, we cover the following aspects of a new GIC set-up in India:

  • Planning and executing a GIC set-up initiative
  • Experience of setting-up in an SEZ facility
  • Talent hiring, management, and training
  • Leadership strategy – locals vs. expats
  • Challenges and benefits of setting up as an LLP vs Pvt. Ltd.
  • Experience of dealing with the broader ecosystem – vendors, government bodies, etc.

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