Service Delivery Automation (SDA) – The Story Beyond Marketing Messages and an Assessment of SDA Tools

3 Dec 2015



Service Delivery Automation (SDA) has the potential to offer high value in terms of inorganic reduction in costs and quick implementation. Moreover, this value is realizable at low risk as the system is largely non-invasive and easily remediable. As a consequence, all market participants, whether they are enterprises or business process services providers, are looking to enter this arena. However, SDA is a burgeoning market with technologies that are still relatively unknown to many potential buyers in terms of solution features, deployment models, supporting frameworks, and commercial aspects.

Coverage of Solutions

In this context, the current report attempts to demystify the SDA market along these lines and compares & contrasts SDA technology vendors along Everest Group's Feature, Implementation, and impacT (FIT) Matrix.

FIT Matrix


This study includes the following:

  • SDA technology market size and growth
  • Position of SDA technology vendors on Everest Group’s FIT Matrix and categorization of each solution across the following buckets:
    • Leaders
    • Challengers
    • Optimizers
    • Niche Champions
  • Remarks on key strengths and opportunities for each of the SDA technology vendors
  • Key insights into SDA technology market landscape along:
    • Deployment models
    • Data and process coverage of solutions
    • Go-to-market approach
    • Commercial models

Tools from 10 SDA technology vendors were assessed: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Exilant, Celaton, IPsoft, NICE (Robotic Automation), OpenSpan, UiPath, Softomotive (WinAutomation), and Xerox (XAI).


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