Social Media Analytics - Growth Engine for Next-Gen Customer Care

30 Jun 2015
by Skand Bhargava


Executive Summary

The world of customer care continues to buzz with the changes introduced by new technologies that have entered the service delivery equation. From the consumer experience perspective, the proliferation of social media channels and the associated analytics have profoundly changed the way we engage in commerce. This dynamic is felt most keenly in the contact center environment, where, increasingly, multiple interaction channels, including social media, are handled. Further, the drive to deploy advanced analytics in the contact center environment has steadily gained traction over the past few years as organizations seek to understand more about customers, their needs, wants, and experiences. Organizations will often look to their Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) service providers as key enablers of the solution. This study explores how clients of CCO engagements address goals and challenges around social media analytics. Key topics covered in this paper include:

  • The key opportunities and challenges faced during adoption of social media and analytics
  • The role of CCO providers in ensuring successful adoption of social media analytics solution
  • The ways in which CCO solutions addressing client’s needs around social media and analytics
  • Emerging changes in how metrics are used in CCO engagements to assess the success of social media analytics

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