In Search of ADM Productivity

1 May 2014
by Chirajeet Sengupta

Executive Summary

As traditional labor arbitrage values are increasingly exhausted, large enterprises need to focus on productivity augmenting initiatives for their application development and maintenance (ADM) function. Based on conversations with several market stakeholders including enterprises, shared services, and service providers, this report builds out a framework to diagnose productivity issues and identify appropriate initiatives.

The key themes covered in this research include:

  • A productivity maturity framework
  • Descriptions of typical productivity challenges
  • Live examples of successful productivity initiatives across organizational design, technology, people policies, and KPI measurement
  • Recommendations on how to identify and sequence productivity improvement initiatives

The potential reward for sustained productivity improvement is significant – 20-50% in further savings, but more importantly increased speed and a greater focus on new functionality versus managing the mess. Everest Group is seeking to identify and disseminate industry best practices for driving higher ADM productivity. In the spirit of advancing industry dialogue, we welcome reactions and examples of what has and has not worked – and why. Contact our IT services team at [email protected] to connect with our experts.


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