Upcoming Contract Renewals – Application Services

31 Mar 2014
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Chirajeet Sengupta, Jimit Arora, Yugal Joshi



Renewals and recompetes provide an opportunity for non-incumbent players to expand their wallet share amidst disruptive factors such as saturation, slowing growth rate, and newer & more agile competitors. It also allows buyers a chance to make course corrections based on lessons learned during the lifetime of the just-concluded engagement and adjust sourcing strategy.

In particular, buyers of application services with long-term engagements are driving the agenda of productivity very hard and are not averse to looking at alternative service providers to counter declining productivity levels.

Nearly US$84 billion worth of IT and BPO contracts are up for renewal in the 24 month period starting April 1, 2014. This report explores trends in such contracts.

AO Renewal Opportunities


  • Analysis of IT and BPO contracts nearing end of term
  • Deep dive into analysis of IT renewals with a focus on AO and bundled contracts

AO Deal Renewals by Buyer Geography


The report ‘Upcoming Contract Renewals – Application Services’ includes data and insights, specific to deals nearing end of term, expanding upon the following:

  • Analysis of IT and BPO deals (deal volumes, contract sizes, and durations) nearing end of term by buyer geography and buyer industry
  • Trends in AO and bundled deal renewals by buyer industry, buyer geography, and service provider category
  • Analysis of application services contract renewals by scope (viz. development, maintenance, ERP implementation, ERP maintenance, and system integration) across geographies

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