Capturing Strategic Value in RPO

25 Apr 2014
by Rajesh Ranjan

Executive Summary

In today’s dynamic business environment, with organizations looking for every viable competitive advantage, their human capital is emerging as the most important and sustainable differentiator. In an effort to ensure that they are attracting, sourcing, developing, and retaining the best talent, many organizations have adopted Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to address some of their talent needs.

<As the RPO market has moved beyond the nascent stage and second-/third-(or higher) generation buyers have realized the value of basic RPO services, some mature buyer organizations are seeking strategic value-added services in addition to the core recruitment processes they receive from their RPO providers. At the same time, intense competition is forcing RPO providers to invest in and offer advanced and differentiated services to their clients in order to survive, and thrive, into the future.

Together, these demand- and supply-side imperatives are necessitating movement towards value-added services in RPO. However, adoption of value-added services within RPO is still quite low.

This report is an executive version of a more detailed report. For further details, please contact the authors of this report.


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