Global RPO: Addressing Globalization Imperatives - How Global RPO Helps Multi-National Corporations Slay the Global Talent Dragon

22 Jan 2014
by Rajesh Ranjan

Executive Summary

We often hear references to the “global war for talent,” or the “talent crunch.” In reality, finding and retaining the desired talent that an organization needs is better compared to the less dramatic story of the tortoise and the hare. Only through consistent, focused, and ongoing effort is it possible to build a workforce that embodies the cultural and business strategies of any organization.

The tortoise and hare analogy is especially true when dealing with the challenges of a global and decentralized workforce. Today’s global talent pool is characterized by dynamics not seen in previous generations, including greater physical mobility, higher worker expectations and aspirations, significant demographic shifts on a geo-by-geo basis, and governance under more and varied regulatory frameworks, to name a few. Becoming an effective and well-branded global employer under these circumstances requires ongoing and thoughtful investment in recruitment infrastructure that bridges global corporate strategies with regional and local realities and requirements.

Under these circumstances, the case for global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has gained ground over the past several years. MNCs have increasingly explored how global RPO can help address some of the fundamental challenges associated with managing and optimizing a global talent pool, such as:

  • Greater standardization of processes and procedures across geographies
  • Better integration of processes and increased visibility of a global workforce
  • Increased flexibility in addressing fluctuations in hiring volumes
  • Better leverage of the economies of scale associated with larger operations
  • Stronger capabilities in attracting, hiring, and retaining the desired talent, especially in emerging economies or hard-to-reach skill sets

This study takes a close look at how the rapidly evolving global RPO market strives to enable MNCs across many regions to address the challenges outlined above. It explores the key considerations driving companies to engage in global RPO, how global RPO solutions are evolving to meet client needs, and outlines the potential challenges and pitfalls, both the clients and providers of global RPO may encounter along the way. By wrapping up with recommended best practices, we offer useful guidance based on the experiences of one particular global RPO client and the many observations Everest Group has developed in its years of working with global RPO buyers.


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