Global Locations Compass – Mexico

1 Dec 2013
by Sakshi Garg



Mexico is a leading delivery location in LATAM region for global services and is classified as a mature location on Everest Group’s Market Vista Locations Maturity Heatmap. Availability of good-quality, bi-lingual talent pool, various government incentives, and time zone / proximity advantage with the United States, make it attractive destination for organizations seeking to set up nearshore delivery centers. IT services are the dominant export services delivered from Mexico. Apart from tier-1 locations, such as Mexico City and Monterrey, tier-2 cities, such as Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Queretaro, are also witnessing market activity.

Growth in domestic and export market

Scope and methodology

The focus of this report is on the global services sector across in-house centers and third-party service providers leveraging Mexico for delivery.

The report also includes analysis of the key cities in Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Queretaro, Chihuahua, and Ciudad Juarez.

The report leverages multiple sources of information – Everest Group’s proprietary databases (global in-house centers, service providers, market activity, cost, and labor pool), extensive advisory experience in supporting clients with location optimization decisions, and inputs from global services stakeholders and industry experts.

IT/BPO FTEs expected to grow at modest rate


The report provides detailed data and analysis on the global services landscape in Mexico and is structured along the following sections:

  • Summary and implications for buyers and service providers
  • Country overview: macro-economic, political, and education system
  • The IT-BP services sector overview: market characteristics, market activity, enabling ecosystem, and government incentives
  • Assessment of key cities on parameters such as multi-lingual talent pool, cost, and market activity
  • Assessment of the operating environment and risks
  • Future outlook: perspectives on industry growth and arbitrage sustainability

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