Remote Infrastructure Management - "Gearing Up for the Big League"

26 Sep 2012
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi



Infrastructure services market is undergoing a disruption due to multiple factors. One prominent driver of this disruption is Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) service. For some time now, buyers are aggressively leveraging offshore providers for these services. However, in the recent time, the expectations of buyers have increased and RIM providers are responding by investing across various initiatives to exploit this disruption to their advantage.

Everest Group’s annual research on RIM tracks the adoption, buyer preferences, and deal trends. It gives insights into the expected developments in this market.



  • RIM market trends (size as well as current and projected market share of various providers)
  • Adoption trends of RIM (deal size, buyer geography/industry/size, etc.)
  • Disruption in infrastructure service market
  • Strategic initiatives of RIM providers to exploit the newer opportunities
  • Implication for buyers, RIM providers, and competitors


This research provides insights into the disruptions in the infrastructure service market and the strategies being implemented by RIM providers to benefit from these changes. These providers are witnessing growing buyer demand as well as significant potential in infrastructure services. Different providers are making different strategic bets and, therefore, are witnessing varying growth.

For example, the section on “disruption in infrastructure services” analyzes the following:

  • Decline of traditional infrastructure service market
  • Impact of cloud and utility models
  • Evolving sourcing strategies of buyers
  • Willingness of buyers to leverage RIM beyond typical “low-cost” services

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