Enterprise Cloud Adoption: Role of Cloud in Global Services

3 May 2012
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi


Cloud Vista


Global service industry is abuzz with a lot of confusion, speculation, interest, hype, and opinions about cloud. Most of the market has assumed that cloud will bring demise of traditional global services. This report breaks these myths and assumptions about cloud being antagonist to global services. The research focuses on the analysis of deals signed in calendar year 2011 that had cloud delivery as part of global service engagement.

This research presents a fact based analysis of cloud adoption cutting through the confusion and provides insights on industry trends, cloud deal size and duration, bundling of towers, why cloud is getting adopted, role of the providers, and analysis of key global service engagements with cloud delivery in scope.

Cloud infrastructure transformation 


  • Overview of cloud adoption
  • Which buyers are adopting cloud in global services
  • Where cloud is being used within enterprises
  • Various roles of service providers
  • Key deal analyis

Applications included in cloud engagements 


This research piece analyzes the key cloud engagements that were part of larger global service engagements in the calendar year 2011. The report discusses multiple perspectives such as the where is cloud getting adopted within an enterprise, deal parameters, geographies of adoption, major industries that are driving cloud adoption, roles that various service providers are playing etc.

For example the section on “Cloud trends” analyzes various aspects such as:

  • Where the buyer leverages cloud (e.g., infrastructure, application)
  • Within infrastructure transformation where is cloud implemented (test/dev, production, etc.)
  • Typical applications impacted by cloud delivery
  • Distribution of cloud deals across geographies, buyer size, and industries
  • Bundling of service towers with cloud delivery

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