RPO in Europe - Addressing Talent Acquisition in a Diverse Market

28 Sep 2012
by Rajesh Ranjan



Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is one of the fastest growing single-process Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) markets with a growth rate of over 25%. The European market is the second largest RPO market after North America but is highly heterogeneous, with the various regions of Europe displaying distinct characteristics. Buyers have diverse mindsets and service providers need to streamline their offerings accordingly. The uncertain economic condition in Europe also makes it a very dynamic market. On the service providers’ side, very few have “truly global” presence and hence, the European RPO service provider landscape is quite different from the worldwide service provider landscape.

In this research, we analyze the RPO market across the following dimensions:

  • European RPO market overview
  • Buyer adoption trends
  • Solution trends and best practices
  • Service provider landscape and capability assessment using Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix methodology

Everest Group Performance | Experience | Ability | Knowledge (PEAK) Matrix for RPO in Europe 

Scope of analysis

  • RPO deals that:
    • Have a minimum of four or more recruitment processes in scope
    • Are at least one year in contract length
    • Have Europe in scope
    • Are not limited to temporary hires only (in scope)
  • Service providers that:
    • Offer RPO as a stand-alone outsourcing service
    • Have a delivery presence in Europe

RPO market size and CAGR in Europe 


This report gives an overview of the European market, from a buyer and a service provider perspective both. Some of the key findings in this report, among others, are:

  • Europe is the second largest RPO market and showed rapid growth during the 2009-2011 period. However, the uncertain economic environment will negatively affect the future growth, especially in the short term
  • The European RPO market is heterogeneous and displays varying characteristics across its three main regions – United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe
  • Significant end-of-term market represents both, value creation opportunities as well as potential risks, for buyers and service providers
  • Buyer adoption displays varying trends around four key dimensions – head-quarter and signing region, continent scope, country scope, and industry scope
  • Given the heterogeneity of the market, executing multi-country RPO (MCRPO) deals in Europe requires both, buyers and service providers, to adopt focused best practices
  • Based on Everest Group’s comprehensive PEAK Matrix evaluation framework, 17 RPO providers are segmented into three categories – Leaders, Major Contenders, and Emerging Players

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