Eight Habits of Highly Ineffective Contact Center Outsourcing Relationships

7 Nov 2012
by Jimit Arora


Transaction activity in the US$60 billion contact center outsourcing market is at its highest level since 2011. The increased transaction activity not only represents new demand for outsourced services, but also reflects an environment where many enterprises have matured in their outsourcing experiences. They are, thus, in a more educated position to reevaluate their current deals. Outsourcing as a tactic is much more commonplace today, and there’s a lot of “tuition value” gained from past outsourcing experiences – some positive and some not. Early adopters of outsourcing have already realized most cost savings and process efficiencies. They are now seeking to build partnerships that influence brand perception, maximize value delivered to end-consumers, and contribute to top-line growth.

In order to assist enterprises in maximizing the value from their contact center outsourcing relationships, this complimentary report:

  • Examines eight key habits of suboptimal relationships
  • Provides recommendations for structuring strategic partnerships
  • Assesses implications for building a high impact portfolio

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