Global Sourcing Trends in the U.S. Mortgage Industry



  • The economic recession and the subprime mortgage crisis (2008 to 2011) impacted the U.S. mortgage industry significantly and led to increased cost and regulatory pressures on lenders and servicers
  • Global sourcing is being looked at, by lenders and servicers both, as one of the levers to address these pressures. At the same time, these pressures are also affecting the pace and pattern of adoption of global sourcing in the U.S. mortgage industry
  • Service providers have also evolved their capabilities to meet the changing needs of  industry 


In this research, we analyze global sourcing trends in the U.S. residential mortgage industry. We focus on:  

  • Evolution and current level of adoption of global sourcing of services in the residential mortgage industry
  • Sourcing strategies across leading financial institutions in the mortgage space:
    • Function mix
    • Locations leveraged
    • Sourcing models used
  • Landscape of the IT and BPO service providers in the mortgage industry
  • Perspectives on potential themes and opportunities that are likely to influence outsourcing and offshoring in the future


This research provides an in-depth analysis of outsourcing and offshoring in the U.S. mortgage industry, with focus on the buyer adoption of global sourcing and service provider landscape.

This research will assist buyers (mortgage lenders and servicers) to understand the activities of peers in terms of global sourcing of services, including services outsourced/offshored, models used, and locations leveraged. To service providers, this research will provide an overview of trends across buyer adoption and sourcing models, capabilities of other service providers in the market, investments made by other service providers to expand their capabilities, and key imperatives considering future outlook.

The research also comments on the key future trends that the buyers, service providers, and other industry stakeholders should watch out for.

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