Summary Report: Vertical Industry Strategies for Shared Services and Outsourcing Survey

27 Mar 2012


Much of the growth in shared services and outsourcing has been oriented along traditional horizontal functions such as finance & accounting, human resources, and IT. However, with increasing maturation and innovation in strategies, differences across industries are emerging plus vertical functions unique to an industry are increasingly playing an important role.

To better understand these trends, Everest Group and the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) conducted the first-ever survey focused on vertical industry strategies in shared services and outsourcing.

The survey covered 28 vertical industries, 8 horizontal functions, and 164 vertical functions. It addressed a wide range of topics from scope to improvement initiatives to sourcing models to technology strategies.

This summary report analyzes responses from over 650 participants across enterprises, service providers, and industry influencers.

In addition to this summary report, check out summary results for specific industries:

Highlights of the results will also be presented live at each of the events in the SS&O Week global flagship series in 2012. For the first time, the 2012 series will also feature live breakout sessions for vertical industry groups to meet onsite during specifically designated plenary sessions, which will be your opportunity to meet with other participants (your specific industry peers) and discuss the findings and what they mean for your sector. Visit the SSON website for more information about upcoming events.


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