Remote Infrastructure Management - "Expanding the Wings of RIMO"

19 Dec 2011
by Abhishek Singh, Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi



RIMO has, in the past decade, received strategic impetus from the offshore provider in an effort to position RIMO as a competitive IO offering. Through traditional IO continues to hold sway as regards market share is concerned, RIMO has received increasing mindshare of the buyers in the past few years.

Everest Group conducted their research by analyzing the RIMO trends over the past few years and how RIMO is shaping up vis-à-vis traditional IO. The report then moves on to focus on the challenges and opportunities that RIMO faces in the next-generation of IO. This report analyzes the various emerging paradigms in IO and comes out with interesting insights on how RIMO is evolving.

Challenges faced by offshore providers in sustaining and further strengthening RIMO as an IO model of choice 


  • Overview of the RIMO (offered by offshore providers) market
  • IO market share of various offshore players
  • Analysis of adoption trends driving RIMO
  • Analysis of key challenges and the way forward for RIMO
  • Overview of the next-generation concepts impacting RIMO

Transformation of IO industry 


This research is focused on providing an analysis of the RIMO model offered by the offshore providers. The details of this research where gathered through proprietary research of Everest Group and also through publicly reported data such as annual financial reports and press releases. The report is an analysis of the trends, challenges and opportunities in RIMO. It also provides insights on how this model will evolve with regard to the next-generation concepts of IO.

For example, the section on adoption trends looks at

  • Comparative analysis of various parameters (such as size and scope) of RIMO deals
  • Analysis of the adoption trends amongst various buyers segments
  • Assessment of the pricing methodologies and implications for the RIMO model
  • Trend analysis and insights on deal size, number of IO towers and overall maturity of RIMO deals over the years

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