Global Offshore Captive Landscape and Trends: Focus Geography - China

24 Oct 2011
by Ritika Dhingra


Background and Context

The global sourcing market has evolved and grown rapidly to reach a size of US$105-110 billion. Captives have been a core component of this evolution with companies such as Texas Instruments and GE setting up offshore captive units in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The last 15-20 years have witnessed increasing adoption of the captive model with a large number of companies setting up/expanding their captive centers. While India continues to remain a leading geography, companies have also explored and successfully established captive operations in China, the Philippines, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

However, due to the significant growth of third-party service providers and selective divestures during the economic crisis has led to the perception that the captive model is under threat. Stated reasons include captives are not delivering value and are significantly more expensive than third-party service providers.

At the same time, mature users of captives articulate their commitment to the model and reinforce its importance in their sourcing strategy and portfolio. In addition, our discussions with global sourcing offices of large companies and captive leadership reveal imperatives under way to expand the role of captives and their value proposition.

This research report provides an in-depth analysis of the global offshore captive landscape across leading locations. The report is based on Everest Group’s proprietary captive database and is updated every six months. Besides providing details on global captive landscape trends and analysis, the report also contains a focus section that provides deep-dive of the captive landscape in a select geography. This report edition features China as the focus geography.

Distribution of offshore captives by industry vertical 


  • This research report leverages Everest Group’s proprietary captive database, the industry’s most comprehensive database on captives. The analysis is based on captives providing offshore delivery of global services, and excludes Shared service centers of companies that serve domestic markets
  • The data and Everest Group’s experience have been supplemented adequately by interactions with captives and service providers on key topical themes of the study
  • This report is applicable to a broad set of stakeholders - buyers, service providers, captive organizations and industry influencers (investors, industry bodies, etc)

Captive market activity in China 


The report analyzes the global offshore captive landscape and key trends since the last 30 months (2009 - H1 2011). The report also provides detailed profiles of the global captive landscape and trends in six key industry verticals - Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail (MDR), Technology, and Telecom. The report concludes with a deep-dive on the offshore captive landscape in China covering market size and growth, distribution of captive landscape, and deep-dive into industry verticals.


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