Digital Transformation | Next-Generation Infrastructure
Demand More!

21 Aug 2018
by Cecilia Edwards

As you plan the next moves for your IT infrastructure, are you reaching high enough?

Are you ensuring that it facilitates and accelerates your digital transformation? Are you aware of infrastructure practices that significantly advantage top performers? Are you positioned to employ them?

These are pressing questions for business and IT executives as they evolve their IT infrastructure at no small cost in management time and expense.

Everest Group recently concluded a study on next-generation infrastructure trends to understand strategies that produce the best business outcomes. We surveyed 102 senior IT executives in the U.S. and Canada responsible for IT infrastructure across 10 industries, 48 with revenue over $5B, 14 between $3B and $5B, 31 between $1B and $3B, and 9 less than $1B.

The study reveals substantive differences in the infrastructure strategies of the top-performing enterprises – 17 out of the 102 that were designated as Pinnacle Enterprises™ – versus the other enterprises surveyed.


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