Webinar Deck: Next-Generation Infrastructure – The Backbone of Your Digital Transformation

7 Nov 2018
by Cecilia Edwards, Mark Lade

On November 7, Everest Group hosted a one-hour webinar titled, Next-Generation Infrastructure – The Backbone of Your Digital Transformation. Infrastructure is the backbone of every digital transformation, enabling all the technologies that power the digital era. The success of your enterprise’s business strategy will increasingly depend on next-generation infrastructure advances that cost effectively deliver new capabilities and free up IT talent.

In this fact-based, example-rich session, we shared insights we have gathered from research with more than 100 enterprises across 10 industries about which infrastructure practices and capabilities produce superior outcomes – business, operational, and cost. You will learn how these insights translate into actionable steps enterprises can take to increase the business value enabled by next-generation infrastructure.

Questions addressed:

  • What are the driving factors behind the infrastructure strategies of companies on successful digital transformation journeys?
  • What are some examples of how business strategy is directly impacted by infrastructure strategy?
  • How are enterprises addressing the funding challenges of transforming their infrastructure to the next generation?

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