Webinar Deck: Sourcing Digital: 3 Core Viewpoints For Enterprise Buyers

7 Mar 2019
by Michel Janssen, Shirley Hung

On March 7, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Sourcing Digital: 3 Core Viewpoints For Enterprise Buyers."

Digital adoption is changing the services marketplace – and procurement and sourcing teams must understand the many implications. With their potential to improve both customers’ and employees’ experiences, digital platforms are quickly becoming today’s lead outsourcing value drivers. In addition to shifting the value proposition, these new platforms are changing the vendor landscape. Behind the buzz around AI, analytic platforms, customer interactions, and RPA is the big question: How should you buy it? In parts and components? Layers and bundles? Whole box?

From this session, you will:

  • Understand how the new digital approaches are changing the way enterprises are consuming BPO services, and how providers are delivering them
  • Learn how peers are buying their digital “platform of platforms” to create new value propositions, including improved process efficiency, user experiences, and business outcomes
  • Gain insight on the changing vendor landscape informed by our latest research on vendors and market offerings, including the 5 key challenges enterprise face when buying digital

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