Webinar Deck: The 5 Most Important Global Services Trends in 2020

5 Mar 2020
by Michel Janssen

On March 5, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "The 5 Most Important Global Services Trends in 2020."

Global services saw dramatic shifts in 2019 across multiple areas, including: a notable rise in the share of business process outsourcing deals vs. IT outsourcing transactions; an increase in the number of short-term contracts; an increase in Global In-house Centers / Global Business Services setups by small enterprises; and, growth in center setup activity in onshore geographies.

But what do these shifts mean for 2020? And for your organization?

In this webinar, we discuss these changes and others – within the context of what lies ahead for global services. We share likely trends for 2020 and the keys to success in the context of rising uncertainty. 


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