Webinar Deck: Make America Great Again – Protecting American Jobs

6 Apr 2017

The global landscape for jobs could be undergoing a significant shift due to President Trump’s campaign promises and early action, which point to a central theme of “Protecting American Jobs.”

Leaders from firms of all types with a global workforce, and even those that are affected more generally by the competitiveness of the American economy should join us for a discussion of the forces shaping talent models in the United States.

On April 5, Everest Group hosted a one-hour webinar. Topics covered were:

  • A deep dive on US job losses and the state of the economy
  • Trends in the workforce driving the US administration’s actions and its impact on US competitiveness
  • Initiatives taken by leading countries and companies to enhance global competitiveness
  • Implications for global talent and business models in the near and medium term

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