Webinar Deck: Key Global Services Trends for 2021 and Lessons from 2020

5 Mar 2021
by Michel Janssen, Sakshi Garg, Prashray Kala

On March 4, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Key Global Services Trends for 2021 and Lessons from 2020."

While 2020 was challenging on many fronts (no…we didn’t mention COVID-19!), the global services industry has shown admirable resilience with noticeable signs of recovery and growth in 2021.

The question is, how did the global services industry reach this outcome and what are the likely trends in 2021?

Our upcoming Market Vista™ Annual Report for 2021 – the definitive state of the market report for the global services industry – addresses this question with expert perspectives on key global services market developments in 2020 that have influenced 2021, including trends in outsourcing, digital adoption, and the Global Business Services market with insights into location activity.

Everest Group’s Sakshi Garg, Vice President, and Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, and Prashray Kala Vice President, share insights on the global services industry’s performance in 2020 from the Market Vista Annual Report along with trends that are likely to prevail and shape the year ahead.

Our experts answer questions including:

  • What were the key developments for the global services industry in 2020 and what’s the growth trend for 2021 and beyond?
  • What are the key outsourcing deal trends from 2020 that will influence the global services industry in 2021?
  • How does the lower attrition and higher talent stability trend in 2020 change into a tougher talent market in 2021?
  • As intentional WFH strategy becomes a reality, what opportunities and challenges does it bring to adopters of global services?

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