Webinar Deck: Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO): Still Young at Heart

30 Jan 2014

Contact Center Outsourcing: Still Young at Heart

The Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) market may be large and fairly stable compared to other outsourcing markets, but in some ways it still resembles a much younger market.

Competition remains high among all segments of service providers, with the top 25 players representing only 38% of total spending. The market has also witnessed a string of acquisitions in the past couple of years – think Synnex-IBM, Convergys-Stream, Sykes-Alpine Access, and Webhelp Group-HEROtsc. These mostly follow along the trend of contact centers shifting from cost focus to value-added services and an expansion of solution capabilities.

This one-hour webinar explores the current state of the CCO market and how this mature market continues to evolve to capture rapidly emerging market opportunities.


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