Webinar Deck: Creating a Skilling Strategy for the Future in Your GBS Organization

29 Jun 2021
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Eric Simonson

On June 29, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Creating a Skilling Strategy for the Future in Your GBS Organization."

Global Business Services (GBS) organizations are evolving to become global hubs that house deep-domain expertise and next-generation skills for the enterprise. As a result, the need for GBS organizations to form a robust, futuristic skilling strategy will be critical to success.

Everest Group and The Conference Board recently conducted an extensive study to identify best-in-class skilling strategies in leading global organizations. Watch this webinar to discover our key learnings from the study that will help GBS organizations plan for the next phase of their talent and skilling journeys.

Our experts delivered takeaways including:

  • The key skill gaps in GBS organizations
  • The strategies of designing and implementing skilling strategies
  • Insights on how your peers are structuring their skilling teams to meet the evolving skill needs
  • The key technologies GBS organizations are using for talent skilling

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